Basic examples

Creating a Crosssection

At first you have to load the geometry and material properties of the crosssection. Geometry, youngs moduli, shear moduli and thickness have to be tuples with a length of 3. Each tuple contains the geometries or material properties of left side, center and right side of the crosssection. Create the crosssection with generate_testsection = lambda : beam.Crosssection(geometry_section, youngsmoduli_section, shearmoduli_section, thickness_section)

note: in the future just one file for the geometry and material properties of all the crosssections of the wing

Importing forces and moments

wie geschieht das jetzt? optimal wäre, wenn man einfach die Kräfte und Momente an jeder crosssection importieren würde

Calculate shearflow

At first the shearforce has to be transformed into the principal axis: Q_new = beam.transform(np.array((Q)), testsections[0].Θ)

Then you can calculate the shearflow: shearflow = testsections[0].shearflow_total(Q_new, T)

Calculate twist of crosssection